That’s a thing I do. Since 2009, I’ve worked as both a journalist and as a commercial copywriter

Sometimes, commercial copywriters are called content writers. For the purposes of this, I’m conflating the two: here are my thoughts on the difference between the two. 

I’ve commercial experience in a range of writing. As a UX writer, I’ve developed error and confirmation messages for apps, written onboarding sequences, and more.

As a copywriter (or if you prefer, content writer), I’m an expert in producing concise, clear copy that engages, compels and converts readers.

I do that SEO stuff too but I’m not convinced that ‘SEO writer’ is a real job. One day I’ll write about that as well.  

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Banner Magazine issue 1 cover

Banner issue #1

Published in September 2011.

Banner Magazine issue 2 cover

Banner issue #2

Published in June 2012.

A national report on UK education

Work completed from July – December 2013.

Writing on educational reforms

Published in April 2014.

Relaunching the Royal Free Hospital

Work completed from May to July 2014. 

Inside Abbey Road with Google

Stepping Inside Abbey Road

Work completed in June 2014. 


Lekkernassûh for English speakers

Work completed in May 2015.

Right to Copy #1

Published in November 2016.